What is Techninvestor

Techninvestor started as a private trading research laboratory where a multitude of trading systems and strategies have been created and tested in real market conditions. The primary purpose of Techninvestor was and is to research the dynamics of the financial markets and develop adaptable analysis and trading models that can enhance the efficiency of an investor. Frameworks from market microstructure theory, machine learning, and econometric modeling are the main elements of our investing researches.

Techninvestor expanded in the field of education in 2008 where several stock market participants were tutored in our methods.

In Techninvestor we exercise Financial Engineering which is exactly what most of the successful private investors and professional portfolio managers implement and use.

Techninvestor offers two types of Trading education, Theoretical education through our trading courses and Practical education through subscriptions to our “Laboratory” in order to follow our portfolio and trading newsletters. Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) suggests that outside of the classroom a successful way of transferring knowledge to others is by observations of interest (Albert Bandura). Long-term familiarization with a process is the secret key for the successful training of an investor.

By attending our lectures (when available in your location) and subscribing to the laboratory Internationally, you will be presented with a knowledge based on a multitude of years experience within a short time, something that could drastically increase your chances of success.

Technical investing is our approach and we strongly believe that it is the only way for an individual investor to compete with and exceed investor’s averages.

Technical investing is a term we created decades ago in order to describe the method of investing that combines fundamental analysis and financial engineering in a reinforced cooperation.

Our ambition is Techninvestor to be the first or the last step on your way to the top.