Why Techninvestor


Techninvestor set strict criteria for its associated mentors and the quality of the provided services.

Associated Mentors have to provide real track records from their past trading and investing activities (before they will cooperate with the club and post their strategies), which will be verified from an independent auditor and will be available to our members for evaluation.


In our philosophy, the only proof of trading and investing knowledge is the real achievements of someone (performance on a real account) and not his/her theoretical or simulation skills. There are many tens of thousands with theoretical and simulation skills, but there are only a few of those who have succeeded in applying their knowledge consistently and profitably in real markets.


In our point of view trading actions and investment decisions within real accounts is the only considerable Curriculum Vitae for an investor, trader or educator in the financial industry.

Techninvestor welcomes new and talented traders and investors from all around the world to become an associate mentor. Traders can have invested in any kind of market, as long as they have a solid real track record that can be adjudicated by an independent auditor and prove the value of their approach, their experience, and their consisted profitability.

Techninvestor’s Subscribers are able to “monitor” and “follow” the trading methods of top performing traders -in terms of profitability and duration- and learn from them.